A Typical Day……Polobubo/Opuama Community

This is how the people of Polobubo/Opuama transport water (basic necessity) from the Chevron platform to their homes.

Can you imagine how the old, frail and disable people in the community who can’t make the water journey – survival?

It is easy for the oil companies to come to OML 40 communities drill oil wells but unable to drill water wells for the people of the community for their use!

Shell spent over thirty years without any provision of drinking water for the people of the OML 40 communities.

Today, eLand Oil and Gas with joint venture Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) operating the OML 40 wells with the prospect to drill more oil wells without engaging with the host communities – no clear and comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A typical day in Polobubo/Opuama – is this moral and ethical?

Join the campaign #savePOLOBUBO #saveOPUAMA – the people of Polobubo/Opuama deserves to be treated with dignity and respect!


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