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Polobubo Serenity 

These pictures captures the serenity of Polobubo. A place of peace and quietness for everyone to enjoy and be proud of.  Today, Polobubo struggles with oil and gas pollution both water and air in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.  We … Continue reading

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The History Of Egbema Kingdom – A True Izon (Ijaw) Kingdom

The ancient Kingdom of Egbema is politically split into the present day Edo and Delta States of Nigeria. Egbema Kingdom is bounded on the north by the Olodiama of Edo State and the Itsekiri of Delta State, west by the … Continue reading

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The Ijo (Ijaw) People Of Delta State: Their Early History And Aspects Of Social And Cultural Practices

This paper is a historical exposition of the Ijo people of Delta State in the South-South and Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria. A literature gap exists on these groups compared to their kith and kin in the States of Bayelsa and … Continue reading

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